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Image of an idealistic, green Data Center

Is Your Company Trying To Go Green And Turning To You For Answers?
Let us help you with some plans that will actually help your team AND meet your new corporate green initiatives.
Data Centers
Security and savings! Installing motion sensor lighting in your data center provides a clear view of anyone that may be inside. By installing the newer, energy efficient lighting you can reduce energy consumption dramatically. And — depending on where you are located, there may be tax credits or incentives to help you return the investment even quicker! Call us today to learn how to get started.
Power & Cooling
Reducing your carbon footprint is always a great way to start any Green initiative. Archive Data can help you to build a custom solution that fits your budget.
We bring in your company’s unwanted IT products.  Our staff will ensure that the products are properly recycled or disposed of.
On Site Destruction, Recycling Option
Once we have performed the on-site eradication of data on your hard drives or back-up tapes, we strongly urge that you opt for our recycling option.  We do offer the traditional incineration and shredding options if you require.  We feel compelled to at least ask that you consider the planet and allow us to recycle the components so that we can reduce as much of the landfill requirement as possible.  Not everything can be recycled, but every little bit counts.  Even if we can only recycle 25% of the total product volume, that’s one step closer than releasing harmful gases into the environment via incineration or shredding the product and sending 100% of the resulting volume into landfills.
Echo Certified
One of our favorites because it’s such an easy change to make. Echo 100% certified tapes will give you more tapes for your budget AND help you go green. Echo certified tapes have been proven to outperform new, OEM tapes due to the rigorous testing standards that every Echo tape cartridge undergoes.
Click here to learn more about Echo’s stringent testing process and relentless pursuit of reducing landfill waste.
An obvious choice for reducing landfill waste but… be wary — not all compatible toners are the same! The compatible toners that we feature are proven to be reliable. We do this be constantly testing the products and selecting only those compatible toner manufacturers that can live up to our quality standards. We do this because we know that you can find cheap, compatible toner anywhere — but we believe that the first goal is to offer you a quality product. One that happens to be at a substantial discount from OEM brands.