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The Echo Process

ECHO is the first 100% certified brand of magnetic storage tape media.

What does that mean?  The environmental concerns for disposing of data storage tapes dictate that a better, more efficient process be created.  Now, add to this the fact that these tapes contain data and there’s a whole new level of risk — how do you ensure the proper eradication of the data on those tapes?  Echo’s certification process addresses both concerns.

1. Transportation – The process begins with secure transportation of used media to a secure facility.

2. Eradication – Tapes then undergo complete and thorough data eradication which adheres to Department of Defense Standard 5220.22M.   Each piece of data is erased from the tape beginning to end.

3. Verification – Each tape is then read to verify that all data has been successfully eradicated.

4. Testing – Tapes that pass Echo’s strict error thresholds are then retensioned and cleaned.  This is a critical step in the Echo process. Tapes that successfully pass this error testing are 100% tested and 100% certified.  This is a feature that even new, OEM branded tapes do not possess.  In a typical manufacturing environment, the manufacturing or assembly lines are tested to error thresholds, but the tapes that are produced from each line are not individually tested.
Tapes that fail the error thresholds are then physically destroyed in compliance with EPA guidelines.

5. Packaging – Tapes are sealed in Echo packaging.

6. Guaranteed – ECHO warrants that ECHO 100% Certified Media is free of defects in both materials and workmanship and shall remain free of defects under normal use for the life of the product.  This lifetime warranty is for the initial end-consumer purchaser of this product.  ECHO 100% Certified tapes have been tested using the most exacting quality control standards possible. In the event that a product fails, then ECHO will, at its option, replace the product or refund the full purchase price of any of its products that are found to be defective.