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Say Hello to the Silent Cube!

Silence is… Green!

Introducing the Silent Cube – Long Term Archiving with ‘Zero’ Power

The Silent Cube by Fast LTA is one of the more intriguing products we’ve encountered. An amazing solution for your second and third tier storage – the Silent Cube combines unparalleled reliability with impressive cost savings.

Reduce your overall storage costs by moving your archive data sets onto Silent Cubes – save your more expensive primary storage for your most frequently retrieved data, reduce energy costs dramatically, and have the option to expand your storage capacity incrementally as needed.

Silent Cubes help to free up your valuable online storage (SAN). Using archiving or HSM software, you then store less frequently accessed data on your specialized Silent Cubes long-term storage unit. This allows you to cut your costs by up to 80%.

A Simple Network Share Connection

Regardless of which archiving, DMS or HSM solution you use, and whether your archiving needs encompass medical PACS data, emails or other documents, Silent Cubes integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure.

The Silent Cubes storage system consists of a Head Unit (also available as a version for VMware® in virtual server environments) serving as the interface to your network, plus up to 128 Silent Cube storage units. Individually configurable volumes (reserved storage areas) and network shares (with variable access rights) ensure problem-free interoperability with software solutions.

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Incremental Capacity

With easily expandable capacity, the Silent Cube allows you to start small and build indefinitely as your capacity needs grow.

  • 6TB – Net capacity 4TB (Twelve 500GB HD’s)
  • 12TB – Net capacity 8TB (Twelve 1TB HD’s)
  • 24TB – Net capacity 16TB (Twelve 2TB HD’s)
Zero Power

Keep your entire archive data set online without compromising your energy budget OR the access speed of the archived files.

While in standby mode, each cube consumes less than 2 watts. During continuous use, each cube consumes roughly 125 watts.

Using the simple browser-based admin interface, you can dictate whether you want to maximize power efficiency by letting the Silent Cubes enter Standby mode based on activity or you can schedule times them to switch from continuous operation to standby.

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DR Site Replication

Replication software is already built into the head unit of the Silent Cube storage system. That’s right – no additional cost!

Simply place a duplicate system of Silent Cubes in your DR site (one head unit & an equal number and capacity of Silent Cubes) and connect the two head units via the admin interface. The master and slave head units share a virtual IP address, making failover a breeze. Choose whether you want the slave unit to operate as read-only or in full-access mode.

Asynchronous replication occurs on a per-write basis. There is no scheduling to worry about or any time lag to consider during recovery.

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Worry-Free Full Service
  • Service is included for first year
  • On-site Service
  • Includes all software updates
  • On-site service for hardware replacement with 0% data loss
  • Local monitoring of all components

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Unparalleled Reliability

With over 1000 installations, the Silent Cube has YET to lose a single bit of data

4x Redundancy – Each Silent Cube can withstand up to FOUR disk failures at once without missing a beat. Even better, unlike RAID systems, it doesn’t matter WHICH four drives fail. Silent Cube utilizes Reed-Solomon encryption with SHA2-512 hashes which provide superior reliability over RAID based systems. More secure and flexible than even a mirrored RAID6 configuration and with a significantly better gross/net ratio.

Additionally, each cube is loaded with four drives each from three different manufacturers. Eliminating any fear of a catastrophic defect from the hard drive manufacturers.

  • WORM Hardware – WORM sealing at hardware level
  • Quadruple redundancy by Erasure Resilient Coding
  • Best in Class – Reed-Solomon Encryption
  • Utilizes four dirves each from 3 Hard Disk manufacturers
  • Internal Digital Audit performed Daily
Power Consumption:
  • Standby mode: < 2 watts (including redundant power supply)
  • Continuous operation: ~ 125 watts

Physical Dimensions

Each cube measures in at 8.5″ Width x 8.5″ Height x 9″ Depth.

Six cubes can be mounted per 6U shelf in a side-by-side,
three deep configuration.

That’s up to 576TB per 19″ rack
using less than 100w OF POWER (in standby mode) !