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MFG # AK379A   |   ADS # HEWAK379A
  • Tape library
  • LTO Ultrium
  • max drives: 2
  • rack-mountable
  • 2U
  • bar code reader
  • for ProLiant DL120 G7
  • DL120 G7 Base
  • DL120 G7 Entry
  • DL120 G7 Performance
The HP StorageWorks MSL2024 Tape Library is the ideal entry-level tape library that provides tape library capacity and extensive tape library features in the compact form of a tape autoloader. With compressed capacity (2:1) of up to 38.4TB using HP StorageWorks LTO-4 Ultrium Tape Drive technology, the MSL2024 Tape Library can easily tackle backup and recovery jobs typically handled by midrange tape libraries. Utilizing a 2U form factor, the tape library provides a large amount of data storage without consuming a large amount of valuable rack space. The unique HP web-based management feature reduces the dependencies on local IT resources, allowing multiple sites to be supported centrally. The MSL2024 Tape Library offers customers the choice of purchasing a library equipped with HP StorageWorks LTO Ultrium Tape Drives which include LTO-4 Ultrium 1840, LTO-4 Ultrium 1760, LTO-3 Ultrium 960, LTO-3 Ultrium 920 and LTO-2 Ultrium 448. The LTO-4 Ultrium configurations provide encryption support. The MSL2024 Tape Library is available with SCSI, SAS or Fiber Channel (FC) interfaces. If only one LTO-4 Ultrium 1760, LTO-3 Ultrium 920 or LTO-2 Ultrium 448 Tape Drive is selected, a second drive of that type can be added later as backup needs increase. Each library includes two removable 12-slot magazines, and one user-configurable mail slot dedicated for import/export of data cartridges. A barcode reader is part of the standard configuration for facilitating media management. All HP StorageWorks MSL2024 Tape Library units arrive rack-ready for installation in a standard 19" rack, but can be converted into a tabletop configuration for use outside of a rack.

1 In Stock
MFG # AK381A   |   ADS # HEWAK381A
  • Tape library
  • LTO Ultrium
  • max drives: 4
  • rack-mountable
  • 4U
  • bar code reader
  • for ProLiant DL120 G7
  • DL120 G7 Base
  • DL120 G7 Entry
  • DL120 G7 Performance
The HP StorageWorks MSL4048 Tape Library will meet a broad range of demanding data storage needs including unattended backup, archive and disaster recovery for small to medium businesses, workgroups, or remote offices. The HP MSL4048 Tape Library offers up to 76.8TB of compressed storage capacity in only a 4U form factor. The MSL4048 enables you to easily manage your media both in and out of the library with a standard bar code reader, a configurable three-slot mail slot and four 12-slot removable magazines. As your data protection needs increase, simply add additional performance or capacity to your MSL4048 Tape Library with tool-free drive upgrade kits. All MSL4048 Tape Library units arrive rack-ready for quick installation in a standard 19" rack, but can be converted into a tabletop configuration for use outside of a rack. With unique HP web-based remote management, the MSL4048 is easily managed from across the room, or across the globe, reducing dependencies on your IT staff. The enhanced HP operator control panel is a full quarter VGA screen with an easy to navigate interface for easy onsite operator interaction.

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  • Storage library cartridge magazine
  • capacity: 20 LTO tapes
  • for Scalar i40
  • i80

MFG # LSC55-BSYS-024N   |   ADS # QTMLSC55-BSYS-024N
  • Scalar i500 23U Base System
  • 36 activated slots
  • 1-10 LTO drives
  • 28.8TB max. cap.
  • SCSI LVD or FC integrated interface for drive and library
Quantum Scalar i500: Overview

The Scalar i500 is the intelligent library platform that gives growing midrange storage environments faster, easier, and more reliable data protection. The Scalar i500 combines modular design with continuous robotics to provide industry-leading scalability, performance, and reliability. Designed with the iPlatform architecture and the iLayer management approach, the Scalar i500 makes backup easier to manage. Its proactive monitoring and remote diagnostics can reduce service calls by 50% and shorten issue resolution times by 30%. Its capacity-on-demand scalability lets it grow non-disruptively with users' data. And the Scalar i500 is designed to integrate easily with disk backup making it the perfect library for next-generation backup architectures. With the Scalar i500, IT managers can be assured they will have reliable, high-performance backup, certain restores, and effective long term protection for years into the future, no matter how their storage needs evolve.

Features and Benefits
iPlatform architecture and iLayer management approach integrates intelligent management into the library
Proactive monitoring and remote diagnostics can reduce service calls 50% and shorten resolution time by 30%
Combines flexible, modular architecture with a single, continuous robotics system for enhanced scalability, performance, and reliability
Streamlined expansion and capacity-on-demand growth lets library easily expand with data
Native SMI-S support allows direct management by leading SRM tools, including EMC ControlCenter
Designed to integrate easily with leading disk backup solutions
One-year warranty with enhanced service options

Ideal Backup for
Midrange storage environments looking for a flexible solution that offers long term protection.

What's in the Box
The Scalar i500 23U base system ships with choices of 36, 82, 128, 174 or 218 activated slots and 10 drive bays. Expansion Units, 9U in height with up to 4 drives and 92 tape positions, can be added to any base system to build an extended library of up to 18 drives and 402 tape positions. The Scalar i500 23U library ships as a 14U base system and 9U expansion module with all components integrated and tested in each library. A rack kit and accessory kit is included with each library. The Scalar i500 accessory kit includes a Quick Start Guide (Paper Fold-out), User's Guide (CD), Customer Training Guide (CD), Module-to-Module library terminators (2), Module-to-Module communications cable, US and European power cord and SCSI terminator (up to 5 based on drive count).

Service and Support
1 yr warranty with enhanced service options

MFG # LSC18-ULSL-030A   |   ADS # QTMLSC18-ULSL-030A
  • License
  • 30 slots
  • Capacity on Demand (COD)
  • for Scalar i80