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MFG # Q2042A   |   ADS # HEWQ2042A
  • RDX
  • 500 GB / 1 TB
  • storage media
  • for Dell PowerVault RD1000; Imation RDX Removable Hard Disk Storage System
The HP RDX Removable Disk Backup Cartridge delivers an easy to use, affordable, rugged and removable data protection cartridge for workstations and entry level servers in your micro or small business. Backups are simple and pain-free with drag and drop file access. Users will benefit from fast disk based performance with the ability to store tons of data on a single removable disk cartridge at speeds of up to 108 GB/hr. A forward and backward compatible docking station does not require a costly and disruptive upgrade to accommodate future higher capacity cartridges. The RDX Removable Disk Backup Cartridge, when used with an RDX docking station, seamlessly integrates with "hands free" continuous data protection software or standard ISV applications while enabling you to simply and securely store backups off site for complete data protection and peace of mind. Ownership costs are reduced with long lasting removable disk cartridges.

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MFG # Q2044A   |   ADS # HEWQ2044A
  • RDX
  • 1 TB / 2 TB
  • storage media
  • for StorageWorks RDX Removable Disk Backup System DL Server Module
Provides small businesses with a removable disk cartridge which protects your critical data - the cartridge is affordable, rugged, removable and portable.

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MFG # 35L0661   |   ADS # IBM35L0661
  • SLR
  • 5 GB / 10 GB
  • SLR-100
  • storage media
IBM offers a complete line of storage media products to support applications ranging from PC desktop to enterprise-wide mainframe libraries. Count on IBM's cartridges, optical disks, diskettes and cleaning cartridges to dependably archive, organize, share, back up your system files and prevent your drive from failure. With IBM media you are always sure that your data is safe and secure!

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MFG # 11864   |   ADS # IMN11864
  • SLR 5
  • 4 GB / 8 GB
  • storage media
With ongoing access to data becoming increasingly important to business success, the need for data storage is expanding. Are you ready? You will be if you make Imation SLR tape cartridges part of your data storage plan. This reliable technology is an excellent solution for high-end workstations and mid-range server networks. The company offers an SLR5 5.25-inch cartridge with a 4GB native capacity and an 8GB compressed capacity. Its mechanical assembly protects the internal tape and components from operator handling as well as environmental contaminants.

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MFG # 12115   |   ADS # IMN12115
  • Travan
  • 10 GB / 20 GB
  • storage media
Imation’s Travan NS20 is a multi-functional storage solution with 20GB compressed capacity. The high capacity of Travan technology means your customers can do more than back up their data. They can use it to offload files from their hard drives to free up space, create an archive for near-line storage, or download files from the Internet. Whatever they’re doing, Travan gives them the space they need.

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MFG # 41115   |   ADS # IMN41115
  • SLR 60
  • 30 GB / 60 GB
  • storage media
Imation is a leading developer and manufacturer of removable data storage products. Imation's offerings include magnetic and optical products that are a key ingredient in much of the world's technology infrastructure - from corporate data centers, to networks, to small businesses, to home users and the consumer.

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MFG # 46168   |   ADS # IMN46168
  • QIC
  • 2.5 GB
  • QIC-2000C
  • storage media
This is an Imation Magnus data cartridge which is compatible with QIC-2000C tape drives. It offers a 2.5GB native capacity and Black Watch backcoating for better reliability. It has a patented no end play hub design for improved data integrity, a continuously-molded corner roller that provides consistent drive force and creates less noise, and a one-piece tape guide that improves tracking. Its patented Dura-Stat drive roller dissipates static and extends cartridge life. This Imation Magnus cartridge also features a textured drive belt for high speed, high density recording, a stippled baseplate that allows for accurate tape positioning and tracking, and a thermally stable cover and baseplate that reduce warping for better tracking and more reliable read/write operation.

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MFG # 46X7452   |   ADS # IBM46X7452
  • 3592
  • 4 TB
  • color labeled
  • black
  • storage media
IBM 3592 cartridges provide performance of up to 250 Mbps and native capacity up to 4TB when use with an IBM Enterprise tape drive. For each IBM Enterprise tape drive, cartridges are available in both high capacity and rapid access versions.

2077 In Stock
MFG # 600004742   |   ADS # FUJ600004742
  • Media storage carousel
  • capacity: 768 LTO tapes
Maximize your data center space with innovative tape rack built exclusively for Fujifilm by Russ Bassett. The rotating carousel design allows for 768 LTO cartridges to fit in a minuscule 28 by 28 inches of space. The fact that it's manufactured by Russ Bassett, a company long know for making durable rack products ensures that the Data Tape Carousel will serve your data center for a very long time.

  • 5 x UDO Write Once
  • 30 GB
  • storage media
UDO features blue laser technology to achieve far greater data densities, resulting in dramatically higher media capacities.

True Write Once media offers the highest level of physical record authenticity and is ideal for document classes with very long or indefinite record retention periods. Common uses of True Write Once media include medical, financial, industrial and cultural applications that require documents be retained for years or decades and must be held to a very high standard of legal admissibility.

UDO media uses a patented and field-proven Phase Change recording technology that produces a very stable recording surface with a media life in excess of 50 years. Since it is a non-contact, non-magnetic recording process, data written on UDO media does not degrade with use, tolerates a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions and is insensitive to magnetic field exposure.

In order to protect UDO media from physical damage and contamination (dust, fingerprints, etc.), the disk is enclosed in a rugged ISO standard 5.25 inch cartridge. A unique double-shutter design prevents dust accumulation on the top surface of the media during recording. Lower dust contamination means more reliable read and write operations and extended media life.