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ECHO 100% Certified Tapes
  • Each ECHO 100% Certified tape has undergone a thorough data eradication process to remove every track of data that was written to each tape.
  • Then every data track on ECHO media has been thoroughly tested on Original Equipment Manufacturer tape drives to ensure optimal performance in your data center environment.
The Echo Process
  • At ECHO, your data security is key. The ECHO certification process begins with secure and safe transportation of used media to our facility.
  • Tapes then undergo complete and thorough data eradication with overwrite of 100% of every track and byte of media.
  • Every tape is validated with a complete read test to verify eradication of data.
  • Following this process, tapes are put through rigorous testing on OEM drives to ensure zero permanent, zero gross and zero server track errors. That’s better than ANSI standards!
  • Then tapes are cleaned, shrink-wrapped, and packaged in attractive ECHO brand packaging; and finally ECHO tapes are available to be purchased by you. That’s why we can offer a guarantee on every ECHO 100% Certified tape.
Not All Certified Tape is Created Equal
  • Certified Tape Media - Certified tape media is simply magnetic tape media that is being reused. Currently, there are many definitions of what constitutes certified tape media. Different levels of testing exist to verify the condition of used tape media, and there is no one universal standard to which tape media is held to be considered certified.
  • The ECHO Difference - Media can only be considered ECHO 100% Certified after having endured rigorous testing and having met ECHO’s strict standards of zero hard errors, zero fatal errors, and zero server track errors on each tape carrying the ECHO name.
  • ECHO guarantees that every single track of data on every ECHO tape has been overwritten, read, and guaranteed free of such errors; setting an unmatched precedence for reliability.
The ECHO Guarantee
  • ECHO warrants that ECHO 100% Certified Media is free of defects in both materials and workmanship and shall remain free of defects under normal use for the life of the product.
  • This lifetime warranty is for the initial end-consumer purchaser of this product.
  • ECHO 100% Certified tapes have been tested using the most exacting quality control standards possible and in the event a product fails, then ECHO will at its option replace the product or refund the full purchase price of any of its products that are found to be defective.

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  • Cleaning cartridge
  • Media Type: 8mm tape
  • Media Included Quantity: 1
This cleaning cartridge is designed exclusively for use with the AIT-3, AIT-2 and AIT-1 drives. The AIT drives come with a self-cleaning mechanism and thus do not require frequent cleaning. Use this cartridge when the drive's cleaning lamp is lit. This cleaning cartridge can also be used with confidence in AIT Turbo drives.

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MFG # SDX3100C   |   ADS # SONSDX3-100C
  • Storage media
  • Media Type:AIT
  • Native Capacity:100 GB;Compressed Capacity:260 GB
  • Free Barcode labeling on all Sony Media please contact your sales representative
Sony provides you with a wide range of innovative storage solutions to fit your needs and budget. Sony's quality, performance and reliability are built into every Sony storage product, so you can be sure you are getting the best solution for your needs - whether you're storing information from a single desktop or backing up a global network. With all Sony media products you get the best solutions money can get!

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MFG # SDX250C   |   ADS # SONSDX2-50C
AIT-2 data cartridge offers a compressed capacity of 130GB and a native capacity of 50GB. Transfer rate is 6MB per second. Cartridge offers a 3.5HH configuration and advanced metal evaporated media technology. AIT-2 data cartridge is compatible with AIT-2, AIT-2 Turbo, AIT-3 and AIT-4 drives.

  • Recording Density (kbpi): 167
  • Track Width (µm): 11
  • Residual Magnetic Flux Density (mT): 530
  • Coercive Force (kA/m): 110
  • Tape Thickness (µm): 5.3
  • Maximum wet bulb temperature: No condensation at 79°F (26°C)

  • $90.44
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    MFG # SDX4200C   |   ADS # SONSDX4-200C
    AIT cartridges feature a built-in flash memory chip that stores directory and operational information. Results in rapid access to desired data and greatly reduced loading and ejection times. Tape surface is protected by a smooth carbon coating that is nearly as hard as diamond and 20 times harder than metal oxides. The benefit is maximum reliability and life. Delivers 100 percent pure cobalt for high retentivity. Patented process for depositing a pure metal magnetic layer directly on the base film without adhesive or binders. The benefit from this AME technology is maximum recording performance. Offers 100GB native, 260GB compressed capacity. AIT-3 is scalable and backward compatible with previous generations. Delivers data at a fast and efficient 12MB throughput rate.

  • Recording Density (kbpi): 203
  • Track Width (µm): 4.4
  • Residual Magnetic Flux Density (mT): 500
  • Coercive Force (kA/m): 140
  • Tape Thickness (µm): 4.8
  • Data Transfer Rate: 24MB/s (native)
  • Maximum wet bulb temperature : No condensation at 79°F (26°C)

  • $85.47
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    MFG # SDX5400C   |   ADS # SONSDX5-400C
    Sony's AIT-5 offers up to 400GB native capacity within a single 8mm cartridge and 24MB/s native data transfer rates, as well as WORM capability for enhanced data security. AIT-5 drives and automation set new standards for capacity, reliability and performance, and offers backward read/write compatibility with AIT-3, AIT-3EX, and AIT-4.

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    MFG # TAIT2-80C   |   ADS # SONTAIT2-80C

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    MFG # TAIT2-80N   |   ADS # SONTAIT2-80N
    • Storage media
    • Media Type: AIT
    • Native Capacity: 80 GB;Compressed Capacity: 208 GB
    • Media Included Quantity: 1
    With the boom of the information age, there is a growing demand for higher-capacity, faster, more dependable media products. Sony quickly responds to your needs through highly reliable media that safely and accurately stores ever-increasing volumes of data. Sony's line-up of data media makes use of the latest technology to accommodate a wide range of applications. With Sony media, you can be sure that your every storage need is met with the highest level of quality.

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    MFG # SAIT1-500   |   ADS # SONSAIT1-500

    MFG # SDX250W   |   ADS # SONSDX2-50W
    Sony SDX2-50W product feature non-contact R-MIC (Remote Memory In Cassette) chip technology. This internal memory can simplify media management and accelerate access in library environments, compared to conventional bar-code methods.

  • Recording Density (kbpi) : 167
  • Track Width (µm) : 11
  • Residual Magnetic Flux Density (mT) : 530
  • Coercive Force (kA/m) : 110
  • Tape Thickness (µm) : 5.3
  • Maximum wet bulb temperature : No condensation at 79°F (26°C)

  • $99.50