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MFG # C7980A   |   ADS # HEWC7980A
  • 110GB
  • 160GB Uncompressed/220GB
  • 320GB Compressed
  • SDLTtape cartridge
  • single
Providing innovative, reliable products and services is a key element in satisfying customer needs, but there are other important elements as well. HP offers many different products and services to a broad set of customers. It is imperative that the products and services recommended to a specific customer are those that will best fulfill the customer's overall, long-term needs. HP has what you need.

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MFG # 16988   |   ADS # IMN16988
  • Super DLT II
  • 300 GB / 600 GB
  • blue
  • storage case
  • storage media
As capacity requirements grow, your network and data centers require reliable media to store more and more data faster. Super DLTtape technology offers flexible storage capacity. Imation Super DLTtape II Cartridges provide up to 600GB of storage and support a 72MB/second transfer rate when used in the SDLT 600 drive. The SDLT 600 drive can also read Super DLTtape I cartridges preserving your DLTtape investment.

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MFG # 183715   |   ADS # MAX183715
  • Super DLT II
  • 300 GB / 600 GB
  • storage media
In everything from its nano-level metal particles to its protective cartridge, Maxell Super DLTtape II is the first product of NeoSMART Technology. Its high capacity of 300GB (600GB compressed data) helps make it an ideal medium for advanced data storage.

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MFG # 184030   |   ADS # MAX184030
  • Native Capacity: 800 GB; Compressed Capacity: 1638.4 GB
  • Media Included Quantity: 1
The Maxell DLTtape S4 delivers twice the capacity of the nearest alternative offering and optimizes the performance of the Quantum DLT-S4 tape drive with a native capacity of 800GB (1.6TB with compression) and a native transfer rate of 60MB/s (120MB/s with compression). Maxell's DLTtape S4 leverages Quantum's DLTSage WORM (write-once, read-many) for meeting legal and regulatory compliance, and DLTSage Tape Security features for preventing unauthorized access to data.

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MFG # MR-S2MQN-01   |   ADS # QTMMR-S2MQN-01
  • 1 x Super DLT 300 GB / 600 GB
  • SuperDLT II
  • blue
  • storage media
Super DLTtape II is the most advanced media in its class. The Super DLTtape II magnetic recording layer is thinner and its magnetic particle size is smaller than the previous generation to boost tape drive performance with superior media capacity and superior reliability. The Super DLTtape II media establishes a new standard in performance and media management and is ideally suited for the most demanding and data-intensive automation, enterprise and stand-alone DLTtape environments.

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MFG # MR-S4MQN-01   |   ADS # QTMMR-S4MQN-01
  • DLT S4
  • 800 GB / 1.6 TB
  • black
  • storage media
  • for DLT-S4
As backup and archive environments become more complex, the need for capacity and manageability continues to grow. That's why the DLTtape S4 cartridge offers massive capacity and fully leverages the DLTSage Management Suite, giving IT professionals the tools they need to protect, secure and manage their data. DLTSage now includes DLTSage Tape Security, which prevents unauthorized access to data on tape cartridges, including those that must be transported offsite. In addition to providing data security, DLTSage offers DLTSage WORM (Write Once Read Many) capability to address regulatory requirements and DLTSage management and monitoring tools to help assess the health of your DLT system. Designed for use with Quantum DLT-S4 drives, the DLTtape S4 cartridge delivers industry-leading 800GB native and 1.6TB compressed storage capacity. Thanks to Quantum's eMP60 tape technology, this represents the lowest cost-per-gigabyte storage available today. DLTtape S4 media uses Super PET (S-PET) base film. The S-PET base film assures the strength and durability needed in enterprise-class environments. And the internal cartridge design now offers enhanced durability, making the DLTtape S4 format the highest profile DLT media yet.

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  • Super DLT
  • cleaning cartridge
  • for DLT Rack2; DLT-S4
Quantum Corporation is the world's leading storage supplier in six of the seven markets. It provides desktop hard disk drives, cleaning media, tape drives, network attached storage (NAS) appliances, solid state systems and hard disk drives for the emerging personal video recorder (PVR) market, and DLT tape automation systems. Quantum's production is a perfect solution right for your needs.

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MFG # 26300201   |   ADS # FUJ26300201

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MFG # 600003286   |   ADS # FUJ600003286
  • Super DLT
  • cleaning cartridge
Fujifilm offers a service to check DLT Cleaning Tape cartridges to see if they are being overused. Users can submit a cleaning cartridge that has reached its twenty-use limit, along with another cleaning cartridge that indicates a count around 10 or 15 uses. Fujifilm will analyze the pair of cartridges and report our findings and recommendations to the user.

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ECHO 100% Certified Tapes
  • Each ECHO 100% Certified tape has undergone a thorough data eradication process to remove every track of data that was written to each tape.
  • Then every data track on ECHO media has been thoroughly tested on Original Equipment Manufacturer tape drives to ensure optimal performance in your data center environment.
The Echo Process
  • At ECHO, your data security is key. The ECHO certification process begins with secure and safe transportation of used media to our facility.
  • Tapes then undergo complete and thorough data eradication with overwrite of 100% of every track and byte of media.
  • Every tape is validated with a complete read test to verify eradication of data.
  • Following this process, tapes are put through rigorous testing on OEM drives to ensure zero permanent, zero gross and zero server track errors. That’s better than ANSI standards!
  • Then tapes are cleaned, shrink-wrapped, and packaged in attractive ECHO brand packaging; and finally ECHO tapes are available to be purchased by you. That’s why we can offer a guarantee on every ECHO 100% Certified tape.
Not All Certified Tape is Created Equal
  • Certified Tape Media - Certified tape media is simply magnetic tape media that is being reused. Currently, there are many definitions of what constitutes certified tape media. Different levels of testing exist to verify the condition of used tape media, and there is no one universal standard to which tape media is held to be considered certified.
  • The ECHO Difference - Media can only be considered ECHO 100% Certified after having endured rigorous testing and having met ECHO’s strict standards of zero hard errors, zero fatal errors, and zero server track errors on each tape carrying the ECHO name.
  • ECHO guarantees that every single track of data on every ECHO tape has been overwritten, read, and guaranteed free of such errors; setting an unmatched precedence for reliability.
The ECHO Guarantee
  • ECHO warrants that ECHO 100% Certified Media is free of defects in both materials and workmanship and shall remain free of defects under normal use for the life of the product.
  • This lifetime warranty is for the initial end-consumer purchaser of this product.
  • ECHO 100% Certified tapes have been tested using the most exacting quality control standards possible and in the event a product fails, then ECHO will at its option replace the product or refund the full purchase price of any of its products that are found to be defective.